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What is Aromatic Medicine?


If we were to turn the clock back to the early part of the twentieth century and peer into a particular perfumery chemist’s laboratory in Lyon, France we would discover a place filled with vessels containing a wide array of aromatic extracts.

This same laboratory was the birthplace of what would grow to be known as “Aromatherapie” (Aromatherapy).  The lab was the workplace of none other than Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, who today is know for both coining the term and for his leading role in the medicinal uses of essential oils and aromatic extracts.

Dr Jean Valnet, among many other researchers and medico’s took Gattefosse’s work further by developing the medical applications and uses of aromatics within France and French speaking territories throughout the remainder of the 20th century.

The focus and intentions of these men, was to improve the health and wellbeing of their fellow man by making use of these volatile and aromatic substances.

Within the English-speaking world of the late 1970’s the term “Aromatherapy” however meant something completely different. This “popular” form of aromatherapy was more about room fragrancing, personal perfumery, beauty applications and relaxation massage. There were no medical applications to speak of and in fact the use of essential oils in this manner was actively discouraged and denounced by many within the various associations that sprang up with this new form of therapy.

Luckily for us there were some with vision who didn’t pander to this restrictive viewpoint and embraced the French medicinal knowledge. Clinical Aromatherapy was born within the nursing sector of the professional community in the 1990’s and has become the middle ground between these forms of Aromatherapy.


Let’s use the analogy of visiting the local aquatic (swimming) centre to illustrate this point.

Our first visits as very young children would be to the baby pool - a shallow area of water with easy access in which we can splash about and experiment with the aquatic environment, having fun with very low risk.

The next stage is the wading pool where the water is deep enough to start to swim, but we can still easily stand - about 1 metre deep (approx. 3 feet). This is where we start swimming class, where the safety rules are explained and we are introduced to basic survival and swimming techniques.

Once we have mastered this stage we move on to the Olympic pool, a 50 metre long expanse of water with a shallow end (1.2 metres) and a deeper ‘diving’ end (around 2 – 3 metres).  Here we practise our swimming strokes, develop our technique, learn new strokes and others skills, such as turning and diving from the starter blocks.

Finally we come to the diving pool where the water depth is 5 metres (16.4 feet) and the specialised skill level of diving, like the dive tower itself is very high.

This analogy can now be mapped against educational requirements as follows:

Skill Level                  Pool Type                   Aromatherapy Training

Low                             Baby Pool                    Introductory or Weekend Course in Aroma

Medium                        Wadding Pool              Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

High                            Olympic Pool                Diploma of Aromatherapy

Advanced                     Diving Pool                  Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine


Where does Aromatic Medicine fit today in Australia, within the complementary therapies framework of health and wellbeing?

Completion of the Certificate IV and Diploma’s of Aromatherapy are pre-requisites of the Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine.

Practitioners who undertake this advanced qualification will be trained in diagnostic techniques, formulation and dispensing of aromatic substances for all body interfaces, including oral ingestion. Safe and effective use of aromatics within all body interfaces is examined as well as additional training in aromatic chemistry, pharmacology & toxicology.

An Introduction to Essential Aromatherapy

An Introduction to Essential Aromatherapy

If you would like to gain skills to commence your Essential Aromatherapy then this introduction is for you. This essential training is the first two days of the Certificate IV in Aromatherapy.

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Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

Certificate IV in Aromatherapy lays down the foundations for you to practice as a massage therapist. This is where it begins.

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Diploma of Aromatherapy

Diploma of Aromatherapy

Diploma of Aromatherapy flows from the Certificate IV and comes with many privileges in an aromatherapy practice.

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