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nutritionNutrition is a fantastic subject that affects us all positively and negatively. Find out how it goes one way or the other in this correspondence course.

These Nutrition courses are now available for enrolment.
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Essential Nutrition: (Correspondence Course (Self Directed Learning)

Essential Nutrition

Pre-requisites: None

Mode of Delivery: Self directed learning, external studies delivered with a combination of assessments and written questions.

Course Objectives: This ESSENTIAL NUTRITION course will help to open your world to the world of food and nutrition. This course will give you a basic understanding into the major food groups, what these groups do and why it is important for us to eat them. This course will also explore foods found in major food groups and the benefits that can be found from eating these foods.
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Modern Nutrition: (Correspondence Course (Self Directed Learning)

Modern Nutrition


Mode of Delivery: Self directed learning, external studies delivered with a combination of assessments and written questions.

Course Objectives: This MODERN NUTRITION course continues from Essentail Nutrition to the next level which discusses how nutrition affects us in this modern day.
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Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine


Want to work as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner or a Nutritional Therapist? Study an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine with The Health Arts College!

The course builds on material covered within the Short Courses, Essential Nutrition and Modern Nutrition.
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About Louise Plant

Louise Plant (ND, RT, HonDipBM, BcSc, PGd) is a qualified and accredited Herbalist who has been a practising herbalist and has been growing herbs for 12 years. She has been teaching and lecturing in the Complimentary Health Industry for over 13 years. She is an author and a vibrant public speaker who is passionate and motivated about all aspects of herbs, nutrition, pro-health, spirituality, sustainable and healthy living.

She currently holds a Diploma in Remedial Therapies, Naturopathy, Animal Homeopathy, Herbal Horticulture, she also has an Honours Diploma in Herbal Medicine, a Bachelors Degree in Natural Science and Post Grad Certificate in Higher Education.

She prides herself in offering quality herbs and herbal products now on a global scale to many institutions and health food shops Australia wide. Louise ran a Biodynamic farm in WA for over 15 years, growing herbs and foods and created a Herb Growing Network in Western Australia to unite herb growers and to help in educating them as to sustainable living, organic growing and all herbal ventures.

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